Reimagining Workspaces: Shared Office Spaces and Its Advantages

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As the workspace landscape evolves, people and businesses are exploring different options to conduct work beyond the traditional office setting. This is due to the consideration for productivity and cost-saving purposes. Thus, shared office space is emerging as a popular alternative to meet these needs. If you are keen on learning about the concept of shared office space in Singapore, read on to find out more!


Defining shared office spaces.

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With the proliferation of different workspace models, there can be confusion regarding the meaning of “shared office spaces”. Does this mean that many people share an office space, or are there many offices sharing a common space?

A shared office space is where a workspace in a commercially leased environment inhabited by a business on a flexi-lease basis to bring its team together. There may be multiple businesses aggregated under the same roof, but they each will enjoy a designated private office space. More often than not, shared offices spaces are found in set in motion with coworking spaces where both individual workstations and private offices are available for use.

Another interpretation of shared office space is where a tenant of a privately leased office rents out their unused space to another business. In this case, they will share the cost of rent, bills and overheads. However, in Singapore, the former setting is more commonly observed and will be referred to in this article.


What are the benefits of shared office spaces?

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Shared office spaces are increasing in demand due to a shift in work preferences for both employers and employees. For employers, shared office spaces offer great convenience and flexibility. They are usually fully equipped and furnished with amenities the incoming business would need, such as printers, internet, phone lines and a concierge. Businesses can then get to work promptly with such a “plug-and-play” space without having to worry about logistics.

In addition, businesses are liberated from the long-term commitment and large overhead costs of a conventional commercial lease with the flexibility of short-term usage. Shared office spaces also enhance the branding of the business, as this signals that the business is able to lease a commercial property with a professional address. The workplace resources and professional setting are useful for meeting with clients or hosting large events.

Businesses can also be part of a dynamic networking culture when using shared office spaces. Businesses form an organic network when in the same space and they can explore avenues for collaboration and growth. Compared to the traditional office setting, shared office spaces are often more versatile and vibrant in layout, decoration and amenities, so employees can engage in work in a productive setting.


Why choose Ucommune for shared office space in Singapore?

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Ucommune Singapore operates its agile office spaces with high efficiency under a unique asset-light business model. It offers multi-functional and one-stop services and modern office facilities for small to medium-sized enterprises, for businesses to connect and grow in an open and vibrant environment.


Dynamic environment with high-quality facilities

Ucommune Singapore has 4 communities that are accessible and dynamic – Bugis, OUE Downtown 2, one-north Launchpad and Suntec City. They are equipped with the full suite of office essentials and are tastefully decorated to provide a conducive environment for business exchanges.


Low overhead costs

Ucommune Singapore adopts a unique asset-light business model which has helped to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the revenue and profit margins of the company. This model also unburdens Ucommune Singapore of lease obligation and decoration expenses, enabling the company to keep costs low and manage sustainable profit growth.

Customer acquisition costs are also kept low due to the intelligent technological-aided services employed by Ucommune Singapore, such as precision marketing and AI-based analytical data. This further lowers costs incurred and members can enjoy favourable prices.


Connector to the global market

Ucommune has created a large-scale intelligent agile office ecosystem throughout economically vibrant cities in Asia. It has a global network of 58,000 workstations and 860,400 members across the world. Its strong connectivity to tier-1 cities empowers members to grow businesses in Asia. Private office members in Ucommune can also enjoy 24-hour hotdesking options from the company’s global locations.

Ucommune, is not only well-connected in Asia, but in China too. It has a mission of “Link China” which aims to build a common harbour for mainland enterprises going abroad and overseas enterprises to enter the Chinese market. Hence, businesses interested in expanding into China can also build Sino-centric network.


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