Three Companies Found a New Home at Ucommune Suntec Singapore

Ucommune Suntec Shared Office Space

Before the rise of coworking spaces, the process was extremely difficult, either you lease or sublease. Contracts were long and usually sought to tie you down to a multi-year lease. In addition, there were other expenses such as furnishings, internet plans, and cleaning. Thanks to the shared office trend, today, finding office space has never been easier for startup businesses. Every day, new coworking spaces start appearing throughout Singapore. Three businesses experienced this trend with Ucommune and helped them solve their office space problems. Find out the things they enjoyed the most upon experiencing Ucommune’s shared office space in Suntec City, Singapore.

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a stylish café with an Asian-inspired French concept that serves freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, salads, and sandwiches. They are a well-known bakery in Singapore, recognised for their high-quality baked items and attentive customer care. 

Enjoyable Coworking Space

Clara, a Paris Baguette employee, discovered Ucommune when she started her new position and was entrusted with learning more about the shared space facilities and services. Afterwards, she Googled and found out about this unique coworking space in Suntec City.

“Ucommunce at Suntec has recently gone through some form renovation to better co-work space and environment. We enjoyed the most from always being able to access the co-working space. “

Immediate Action to Coworking Space Issues

The best coworking space is the one that does focus only on the services offered but aims to help occupants get the help they need to enjoy their stay.

“My colleagues and I are happy with the workspace and usually have my issue of problems resolved in the fastest possible manner. 

For this, I would like to commend Janice for her professionalism when we received feedback that the cleaner’s performance and attitude towards my fellow colleagues weren’t pleasant. 

There was also one incident where I accidentally left my phone in the room and couldn’t have access. I had to give an emergency call to Janice; she was very responsive and assisted me in resolving the issue despite it being past 9 pm.”

Pick Network Pte Ltd 

Pick Network Ltd

Pick is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IMDA, the Infocomm Media Development Authority, designed to manage, deploy, and operate Singapore’s nationwide parcel locker network. They connect eCommerce retailers and logistic service providers into an affordable, smooth and secure nationwide parcel delivery.

Accommodating and Friendly Staff

“We first discovered Ucommune when we were sourcing for a new office location back in June 2020. We got a direct entrance from the lift to our office. Also, there are happy hours sometimes by Ucommune where there are free drinks given. Also, Ucommune was kind enough to provide the space outside our office to house our demo lockers. Carin and Janice have been very nice and helpful in fulfilling our needs to make our office comfortable. If you need an office space and Ucommune can accommodate, you should come into Ucommune.” – From Brian of Pick Network Ltd.”

TransferClear Pte Ltd

TransferClear Pte Ltd

TransferClear is a payment company based in Singapore offering a broad base of payments services with hubs in North America, Europe and planned offices in secondary capture markets in Asia-Pacific. They are a one-stop B2B payment services provider, with products and services in money transfers, cards, E-Wallets and digital assets.

Accessibility and Flexibility of the Space

Ucommune not only provides facilities and spaces for them to focus on their work. We also bring people together and provide a comfortable workspace and regular office interactions in a workplace environment.

“As a Fintech start-up in Singapore, I needed private office space and was shopping around for options. Ucommune gave me the flexibility to achieve what I need to do in terms of workspace requirements, upgrading and expanding when the need arises. I was instantly attracted to the CBD Skyline-facing private rooms at Ucommune Bugis. The facility at Ucommune Suntec, where my 10 staff and I are based now, provided the corporate advantage of location and easier access into the city centre, and a fantastic fountain view. I enjoy the ability to book a conference room at any of the 4 Ucommune facilities, all of which provided me with the corporate aesthetics that wow my clients and other external stakeholders. The biggest assets of Ucommune are the friendly and accommodating staff members, who are always on hand to help and provide that extra support when you need them. Many thanks to Carin, Janice, Chun Yan, Vivian for the high level of support always!” 

Coworking is the new normal, and workplace flexibility is the future for some companies. It offers wider opportunities for expansion, employee’s happiness, attracting top talents, and expanding into new markets.

How can Ucommune help you?

Ucommune’s flexible leases, friendly staff and broad array of locations across Singapore make it easy to build a workplace solution that checks all of your goals, whether you’re a startup or growing business

Companies benefit greatly from performing tasks in different approaches, including how, where, and when, without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Ucommune coworking spaces give this flexibility by allowing a higher percentage of workers to adjust to shifting demands. Companies are seeing the value of coworking as an alternative to a typical workplace for their employees.